Billy Shibley and Nolan North at Machinima HQ checking out UNCHARTED: Drake’s Journal.











No one takes you deeper inside the world of UNCHARTED than Nathan Drake himself!

Nolan North, the actor who portrays Drake, has written an exclusive, behind-the-scenes book that takes you along for the adventure.  Step into the performance capture suit and watch the team create the cinematics that have vaulted UNCHARTED to the forefront of the video game industry.  You’ll also go inside the offices of Naughty Dog and meet the “Dogs” responsible for putting the finishing touches on the game you’ve come to love.

Over 1,000 hi-resolution images, photos and stunning artwork fill the 128 pages.  There are also QR codes linking to more than 50 exclusive video clips, making UNCHARTED: Drake’s Journal the perfect companion piece to UNCHARTED 3 and a “must have” for any true collector!

Here’s a sneak peak inside UNCHARTED:  Drake’s Journal.  Be sure to click on the QR codes. (flash required) or click here for .pdf pages.

UNCHARTED:  Drake’s Journal is available for sale at |  click here

UNCHARTED:  Drake’s Journal is available as an App for the iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store | click here